Tree- science Journal with objectives to promote study and research And to disseminate research articles and academic articles to researchers, scholars, faculty, and graduate students. In the dimension to support education, teaching, research, journals focus on articles in government, political science, political science, business administration, and all published articles have been considered by at least 2 experts, open to articles in both Thai and English.

 Type of work published in a journal

          1) Research Article is an article that presents research into public administration, political science, business administration and humanities and social sciences. According to Dulpini, editor of the journal

          2) Academic Article is an analytical article. Criticize or propose a new idea

          3) Review Article is an article in the form of commenting or explaining rationale for supporting issues and having different opinions from academic perspectives.

          4) Book review (Book Review) a description of the book. That have reasons to support the issues that agree with and have different opinions in the academic point of view

Set out to publish a journal

          Published 3 issues a year

         Issue 1 January - April

         Issue 2 May-August

         Issue 3 September - December

          Publishing fee

      The journal will charge a fee of 3,000 baht (four thousand baht) per article for Thai-language articles, 5,000 baht (five thousand baht) per article for English. From January 1, 2020, the author will be required to verify the completeness of the article in accordance with the author's instructions. If the rules are not followed Journal editors reserve the right to refuse publication. And does not refund the following fees

  1. If the article is more than 20% redundant
  2. The author does not follow the format of the journal.
  3. The article has not passed the consideration of experts or
  4. The articles are not edited according to recommendations for a specified period of time (1 month after editor's notice).

The process of considering articles from experts

          The journal has a quality assessment process from experts before publication. Articles published in journals were reviewed by at least two experts in a double blind peer-reviewed manner. Articles from internal authors will be considered by experts outside the organization. Make a journal Articles from external authors will be considered by internal experts. Or outside agencies that provide journals with expertise in the field And has no interests with the authors